The Balm

Others all around me, passing by me, all seem to have it.
I ask to borrow it, most are willing to lend.
Just when I thought I have it, it slips through my fingers like water

No two days are the same.
I am never the same person

Tears won’t help;
Fighting does no good
It is always there like a sleeping giant.
Any little noise or trouble sets it off

Drained and annoyed
I resent the world for my being here
No purpose, no point.
This is pure misery. Why me?

But there is a balm.
Like the one in gilead.
It works like a charm

So Icy

So Icy…
So Icy….

What Gucci Mane said.

I get icy sometimes. Less summer time twerkfest more cyanide in the chardonnay kind of icy.
And yes, I know that life is full of highs and lows, ebs and flows. This I certainly know.

Let’s talk about today, shall we?
Can we converse?

In my typical sense, I was behaving like a pretentious spoiled nascent brat.
“Whaaa whaaaa….” Just like a crybaby.
….Is what me wants to say. No compassion while I “ripped myself a new one” as they say.

ode to what joy?
misery and damnation?
lies and betrayals
……ah, we meet again…..pride and humility. Best frandzzzzz of
love and hate.


Why torture myself for the sake of love.
Love shouldn’t be torture.
If I had the strength to love you, I would
but you don’t need me
I need to let you go.
this stay has been too long.
im going home.
where i belong.

Good Women

They say good women are hard to come by
lies we tell ourselves
b/c these women are here.
you see us, you see me
but some minds cannot comprehend
the powers that be
are meant to separate you from me

our powers are too strong
the love is so great
that mighty fortress of evil we’ll break
down barriers and walls
like pride before falls
good women are not hard to come by should ye heed the call