Love in All the Little Things

Ever step on a crunchy leaf on the sidewalk just for the melodious sound of the crunch? Ever tried blowing kisses to the moon? Do you walk down the street brandishing a delicately picked flower like it was a magic wand? Because I do. All the time.

I don’t think. I just do. I walk and hum these days. Just a little tune, nothing too fancy and def not your Top 40. I sing songs of love to the universe so my vibration can be felt, sensed.

Life is a complete and profound testament to love ya know. Just look. Everything is a love song. What on this earth is not fueled by love? If we look deep enough, it is all love really. Love is the universal force that pulls matter together. It’s that great energy that creates something out of nothing. It’s the place where we come from and the place we will go when we leave. It’s in us and lives through us. Love is love is love is love. All the types of love. All the ways of love.

You are here because of love. I am here because of love. No matter how you slice it. Everything has a relationship with love. Sadly sometimes things come about inversely because of love or the lack thereof. If there is a restlessness or a problem area in your life, I dare you to sprinkle a little love on it. Love is the balm of all balms. And when we learn to love with God’s love, when we learn the language of universal love for all beings, then we will know the true happiness that is to be found. As if it were ever lost is what you will say. Because when you seek and find love you will see that love was always here winking and peeping at you in the flowers, from the sky, from friendly hugs, in hands that touch, eyes that behold, and hearts that feel.

Can you feel the love?

I Refuse to Wear Makeup: Notes from a Bare Face Beauty

Because she’s bad and she knows it 😉 #barefacedbaddie

The craze was kicked off by Alicia Keyes some may say but I was with this craze long before she went public with it. I have sworn off makeup completely for several years now. Slowly baby stepping my way down over the years from wearing full face to no contouring to no blush, to no foundation, to no mascara, to no eyeliner, and now I am here completely naked in the face. From formal functions and interviews to chilling with the homies, this face is always naked 🙂

This post is not to bash the rather nice young ladies who prefer and enjoy to beat their faces. Not in the least. I am simply pointing to my own reasonings and logic in the case that maybe there is someone out there tossing around the question, “to beat the face or to not beat the face?” I guess I owe you an explain of why and then how, in that order.

The Why

There are a few reasons why I ditched the makeup:

  1. The money — Because initially at the time I was struggling financially and had to chose between buying food or buying foundation. And because I’m a self declared fatty, I always choose food.
  2. Amount of effort — Call me lazy or just plain inexperienced but I hated spending the extra time in the mirror in the morning. Just saying. That extra hour of sleep would do a lot more for my puffy eyes than trying to cover them with foundation.
  3. The feminist in me had an uprising — I think I was single and going through one of those independent, feminist phases where I wanted to feel the rawness of my prowess.

“If you bad and you know it then photoshop ain’t gotta show it.” #Teamnakedface

The Results:

  1. It. Feels. Amazing. — Lets start the results off by saying that I feel sexier and more feminine than I have ever felt before. Just a freeing feeling to be purely your naked self. Besides, there is no better feeling than hugging somebody without worrying about leaving your face on their shirt. No need to worry about the dreaded raccoon eyes midday. Party and dance all night without fear that your face will melt off. Forget having to sneak out before the guy you are dating wakes up because you don’t want him to see what you look like without make up on. And for sure, just jump into the pool…the water’s fine.
  2. Healthier skin and lifestyle — I started devoting more time to taking care of my skin and eating healthier. Instead of covering up blemishes and relaxing into bad habits, I took a more proactive approach and decided to work on the root of the problem from the inside out. Facial reports show that my face is thankful for it. I experience wayyyyy less breakouts and irritation. My acne has cleared up and my skin is even.
  3. Saved Money — less money spent on beauty products meant more money to save or to spend elsewhere like on books or traveling. Uh yea, I’ll take that.
  4. More time — Less time spent beating “le face” meant more time devoted to something else in my morning routine like meditation. Mental beauty matters too.

So, to the brave ladies who dare enter a corporate office in the nude, be strong. To the young woman who desires to love all of herself, flaws, blemishes and all, be strong. And to those wondering what a certain liberation feels like……a makeup wipe or a wet nap is only an arm’s reach away 🙂