“Farther is a measurement of distance. Further is a philosophical concept. Know the difference.”

–Ron Goncalves

I am GirlRon, an amateur scientist with housewife ambitions. I desire to retire before 30 but in order to do so, my husband told me I needed to have $25M in assets. Thus, here I am attempting to turn my mighty muscle into hustle. An introvert by nature, bookworm by choice, I’m on a $25M mission to retirement!

Watch me werkkkkkk 😉

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Rooooon!!! Idk how I even found your ass bc I was googling someone else and saw your pic lol. We gotta catch up!!! – Toya (RL Durham)


    1. Hey, Toya! LOL funny how you ran across me lol well, this is my little hole in the wall spot on the internet! I live in Seattle, Wa now but I should be in NC in May for my 30th bday. We should get up! how have you been?


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