Truck life is the Best life

I dont introduce myself as the girl that lives in her truck across the street but thats exactly what I do. I do it with purpose and meaning. I live in my 99 chevy tahoe suv. Starting 2019, I said that I was not going to pay for housing. I said that I was going to severe the umbilical cord that tethers me to corporate fascism and capitalism. For the past 7 years, I lived in agonizing depression, most of it closeted. I was working a full time job with benefits sometimes, most times not. The job paid my bills, kept a roof over my head yet it robbed me of my free time and essentially, my free will.

It sucked my soul dry, harvesting my energy. When I talked to others around, it did no good. These people were in the same sinking ship as me, telling me to just grab a bucket and keep throwing the water out- they did this by telling me to return to school for more debt or find another job. I was pressed to find people who gave me advice besides that. Are there no other creative or well thought out alternatives? Are we all really just supposed to EAT, SHIT, WORK, and DIE?

I didnt think so. If I did think that was the case then maybe I wouldnt have been so depressed about it. maybe I could stomach it. But something intuitively was telling me that this was not the pinnacle of human existence. There was more.

This year, I sought to uncover it by any means neccessary, which to me meant living in my truck. People who know me or have met me and know of my skills and talents are quick to say that I dont have to live like this, that I could get a job making six figures. I agree with them, I could. But I also believe that I shouldnt HAVE to be forced to work for some or any company for 6 figures just to survive. The same companies people love to hate are the same companies that are willing to hire and pay me 6 figures but where would that leave me?

Living in my truck is my own personal rebellion. its my own rite of passage. I live in my truck so I can say FUCK WORK when I want to. FUCK THE BOSS when I want to. and FUCK YOU if neccessary. I live in my truck so I can be selective about where I spend my time.

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