No Internet, No Wifi, No Smartphone

If you know me, I’ve been off and on for the past 7 years in a love/hate relationship with internet and technology. Currently, I have slowly let it creep back into my life, almost ruining the calm that I had been collecting.

Welp, as I am entering into a new phase/season of my life right now, I find myself being drawn again to a life sans connectivity. So, for this season, I will not have access to wifi in my truck or on my smartphone. I have “semi-cheated” by subscribing to Youtube Premium where I can download videos over wifi to be watched later on my smartphone. Thats the only use for the smartphone is as an optional form of prescribed and limited entertainment. When you sleep in your truck, there are some luxuries that make life a little sweeter. Most videos I download are documentaries and computer programming videos. Thats my little cheat. But thats my only cheat. I carry a Nokia tracfone that you have to use T9 to text (remember those).

Why torture myself this way you ask? Because I am so over modern entertainment today. It’s so passive and predictable, not to mention brainwashing. I am so tired of hearing the same derogatory music, the same disrespect in the movies, the same portrayal people of color. I am tired of being brainwashed into poverty, sex, drugs, alcohol, materialism, and overconsumption. Yall, we are doing too much.

This does not mean that that there is content out there worth watching, by no means. This just means simply that I need a break from it all. The good and the bad. Whether right or wrong, my nervous system needs a break from so much stimuli hitting it at every given moment. We carry in our pockets a way to virtual reach out and touch everything….isnt that  alittle freaky? Are you the kid in the candy store with his pockets full of cash and busting open with so much candy? Yea, dont be THAT kid.

I am in the business of reprogramming my subconcious mind which has been morbidly programmed by the media and society for years. To counter this programming, I must do some programming of my own. The more I read about data science, probability, cell behavior and our habits, the more introspective I become and encouraged that I can change alot about myself just by changing my environment and what I am exposed to.

In America, land of the “so-called” free, full to the brim with opportunities, and having the abundance of first world plenty, I still see chains and shackles. It was not until I stepped away was I able to see them. I can only imagine what else I would be able to see the further apart I stand, the more fine tuned my vision becomes.

So, here we are. I plan my days with a few hours of internet time devoted to learning. And a another few hours dedicated to limited and prescribed entertainment.



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