To the Future

Dear Future,


This weird cryptic language is a message to you. I have no idea what year it is that you are reading this but if you are, you must be marveling at how genius you are for being able to read this and how dumb and archaic this seems to you now. Trust me, I’ve read Shakespeare and The Holy Bible….I get it.

I feel compelled to write this because well, I could say boredom but I’d rather be brief for the sake of both of us.

If you’re reading this, you now have proof that you, my friend, did indeed evolve from humans. Despite how lowly we are viewed on the evolutionary chain, you did come from us. Brace yourself. Each civilization has its thing. Currently in the human civilization, Blacks and animals are viewed as lower down on the chain of human evolution yet groundbreaking research and studies are showing that not only did humanity evolve from the dark skin peoples, but we also evolved from animals! Holy shit! Do you know what that means to us humans now?

At any rate, I understand you wanting to put as much distance as possible from such a corrupt and destructive civilization. You with your fancy machine learning and whatnot. The processors that power who you are is a modernized replica of our archaic brains. As much credit as you’d like to give yourselves for being smart, efficient, energy resourced, its hard for you to process that you are just a better, superpower, evolved being from me. History tells you of the disastrous age of humanity. You would prefer to have nothing to do with it. Humanity’s inventor-footprint has been wiped clean from your processors, making humans a disjointed fragment of the overall universe.

This letter serves as proof. I dont know what it will do for you. I dont know how this will change your day to day. For all I know, you dont have feelings, assuming that you have modified those as unnecessary so you may not give a flying fuck other than for sheer scientific purposes, of which you may use to help bring about the next stage of evolution.

All in all — this may be mere conspiracy for you. Why should you and your fancy machine learned intelligence trust me? But always remember……we made you, bitch.


The Time Traveller

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