Poisoned By It

Firstly, it’s totes real. There’s no activity, nor device alert, nor conversation piece that escapes the mighty power of constipation. What in life is pleasant when you’re full to the brim with weallknowwhat?

That’s kinda how life can get sometimes. We fill every cavity of our body with the emotions, thoughts, and situations of everyone else without taking the proper care to release every now and again 😉

Luckily for life, the options do not smell quite as bad. Releasing comes in several forms. It is a natural urge to experience the release when it begs of us.

If you were waiting for me to get personal, I shall. Currently I am writing to an audience. The audience is you. Our destinies are linked. The stars have aligned…..or….

***For Parents or Children of “those Parents”; please stop here if you do not care for enhanced pleasurities of language. By reading further, you forfeit your right to complain or judge hereto til the end.****

For the past few weeks I experienced said life constipation. I was full of shit. I had bottled up in me years of baggage, life whatnots, emotional fragments of prior relationships, and childhood drama. But as one knows, things took a wrong turn the longer I held it in. I became poisoned by it. The husband wasn’t doing things right. My job situation was uncertain and frustrating. I would complain about both constantly, not out loud but def in the dialogue in my head.

I became so over it and knew I needed to rid myself of it. Sweet release. Here we are. You and I have met again. To dance. To sing. To laugh. To be. Such a sweet release this is to me.

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