Emotion Check

Do you have issues dealing with emotions whether stemming from your own thoughts or from situations involving others? Or have you acted impulsively based on an emotion you’ve experienced?
Looking back through my life, I can see so many instances of when I have let my emotions control me. Not good. At all. I know that during those phases and places in my life prior to this very moment, others have probably labeled me as an emotionally volatile person. Unstable. Unpredictable.
To that I say, cheers to the dawn of a new day. I have since learned to tame the beast of emotion and ego that dwells in the very depths of my mind. How? Mindfulness and meditation. Those two words seem vague in and of themselves but the more you practice and read about it, the more you understand what they mean and the relationship they have with each other.
What steps can you take today to experience the difference of living in control of your emotions vs living with control of your emotions? I will give you a golden nugget to hang on to for today:
See if you catch yourself before or during the middle of an emotional episode. If you can see it, you can stop it. Once you identify it, make a pledge with yourself that no matter when you notice it such as when you can name it as being an emotional experience, that you will stop, take 3 deep breaths focusing on the breath on each inhale and exhale, and stretch your back. No matter where you are. If sitting in a straight back chair in a suit and you began to get heated with a co-worker, you can notice that you are being driven by emotion, either stop yourself mid-sentence or excuse yourself from his presence, breath deep 3 times, and stretch your back.
I know this will help you as much or maybe more as it has helped me. I spot the experiences less and less because the stronger my awareness of them become, the less they appear. One must learn to outwit the mind 😉

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