Brain Vomit — Seeing is Believing and other Corny Office Posters (I mean, it’s really just that one)

Seeing is Believing

If Seeing is Believing shouldn’t we change what we see?

So it’s not just a office poster of a cat meme? Seeing really is believing. How many ways can you see becomes the real test of faith. Can you see when you close your eyes? I can. There are those who have learned or are learning how to walk by faith and not by sight. They are learning to see with their eyes closed because some where in life, probably in some dingy stale-air office in a run-down brick building that seeing truly is believing.

Can I be one of those people? How can I put this to work in my own life?

You can either do this one or two ways. But there is something that must do first.

First: What Shall we SEE?

You have to find something by which you can “see”. What is something that you want or would be nice to have right now? Think about this question without thinking too hard about the money. When I did this a while ago, I said it would be nice to drive a really nice car, like a BMW or Porsche. Because well, I like to drive. Fast.

Next Step: Seeing it

Go see it for yourself. Where is it kept? Who has them? Where can you become to have one? For me, seeing it was visiting the BMW dealership. At this time in my life, I was, in laymen’s terms, the quintessence of BROKE. I was a mental wreck, in debt up to my eyeballs, and barely hanging on to my job and my life.  But even for me in my financial state, I still ventured to the Porsche dealership just to see it. I remember the salesman being a really nice older gentleman. He reminded me of the butler from Archer. When he found me, I was looking at a Porsche 911. He quite amused but very much pleased by both my selection and knowledge of said selection. Needless to say, if old dude handles fine china the way he does 60 in a curve well I’d say he’d make a rather dashing butler 😉

Did I make $1 million later on that year a buy that Porsche? No- but what did happen was that the next year my husband and I purchased a BMW. My husband is luckily also into cars and we found out that we could get a really good deal on a great car!

Yea but it’s not a porch you may say. If you said that you’d be missing out on my point. Remember that this part if only a test. Once you have shown to yourself that seeing is believing with your natural eyes even in the most conventional way of seeing, you will move on to seeing with your eyes closed as well as seeing what is not seen.

As usual, I hope you loved my brain vomit! If you think you would like to actually hear my brain vomit, let me know. I could “see” myself doing a podcast. And lastly, if you really wanna  “see” my brain vomit up close let me know, as I can also “see” myself doing a podcast in my own spot downtown. Let me know so maybe we can “see” our lives unfold together!

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