When Nature Calls…

Text Message: ?
5 mins later
Text Message: ??
“Where are we going?”
“Not too far”
“Aren’t people on this trail?”
“Usually but not around this time, this is dinner time so everyone has walked their dogs.”
Silence but for the crunching of leaves.
“Was that a person?”
“No, probably just a deer.”
“Do you know where we are going?”
“Yes. I walk these woods like everyday. Forgot you were a city boy.”
“Whatever. I just don’t know how far we are.”
“Almost there. Right around the next bend.”
“Good. Come here.”
He pulls her into a rough embrace, keeping his balance as he tripped over a branch. She feels his hands caressing her body that is slick from sweat. Grabbing her hand, they walk east from the bend, away from the trail toward a thicket near the stream. In one fluid motion, he pins her against the tree and pulls down her jogging shorts. Finding her soft center, he presses himself deep into her. She squeezed the tree trunk to suppress the swell of emotion threatening to erupt. She loved making love surrounded by nature. They were soon interrupted by movement. Both quickly fumbled to pick up their shorts that had collected around the ankles.
“Who is that?”
“I don’t see anyone.”
“That was def a person.”
A lady walks by with a dog, seeming not to notice them crouching near the thicket.
“I think she saw us.”
“I doubt it. She was too into her music.”
They stepped off the trail again to finish what they had started.
“Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t”
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I could be but you would never know.
So we subtweeting now?
I’m just speaking general though.

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