What Day is it Again?

Sitting idly, waiting, patiently. I am waiting for my purpose. Did you think I was waiting on a man?
I am saving my energy for the day when I am told what I am here in life for. Right now, I do not know. I don’t know whether I am supposed to know or not. I thought I knew. But what do I know?
Today I have no interest in goals or money or the future. Being here in the now is enough for me. I was afraid to be present for long. Is the present still an appropriate gift or are we not doing that anymore?
Sometimes I feel the need to speak but the words will not come out. So I strain and I push. Don’t do that.
I thought I was supposed to simply make money. That’s what they told me. Just get out and make some money. And make a lot of it. What do I do with this money? No one really told me. So I assumed that money was made to be spent. Money cometh and money goeth. As long as the outcome is income.
But cliches and several empty tweets later, I was broke. Again. Paycheck to paycheck. Just living for the weekend.
Oh what would life be if I threw a random saturday into the middle of the week. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mimosa for brunch midweek?
Where does the time go? Friday is here already. TGIF. You can pretty much sum my life up with a series of carefully thought out acronyms.
It’s Monday. FML.
No happy hour for the lunch meeting? LOL
Damn, it’s only Tuesday? WTF
Mandatory overtime this weekend. GTFOH
Today feels like Friday. TGIF
Why does my primary form of entertainment involve me spending money? Where the freebies at though?
What if my weekdays felt more like my weekends? Will it ever be cool to tweet, TGIM? Thank God it’s Monday?
I want my time. I want my space. I want my life. I want you to have your time. I want you to have your space. I want you to have your life. I want us to have our time. I want us to have our space. I want us to have our lives. Is that too much to ask?

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