I quit social media today. Then I got mad when I couldn’t announce it on Twitter. I made lemon bars for the first time and was bummed out that I display it proudly on the ‘gram. Remember that bomb af outfit that took me all day to “just throw together so effortlessly”? No more #OOTD. Bummer.
I met a new friend on the bus and wanted to exchange contact info. She told me to message her on Facebook as she rushed off the bus.
It’s my cousin’s birthday. I told him happy birthday and promised to bake him a cake. When he got home from work I asked if his mom had called him yet. He said no but that she had shouted him out on Facebook. I guess he had to “like” that status. My mom called and I asked her if she had called cousin to wish him a happy bday. She said she tagged him in her status that morning. I guess he had to “like” that too. Would you?
There’s this new phrase that everyone seems to be saying. Haven’t you heard about the movement? It started as a hashtag. Oh so twitter is going offline now?
Haven’t you ever wondered how big an elephant’s balls are? No? According to Google, I am pretty sure someone has.
It’s a friday night and girls just wanna have fu-un. I can just hit up one my many friends, right? I have like hundreds of them. Then I thought about Tom. You know, Tom. Tom from myspace. I wonder if he has problems hitting up friends like I do.

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