Peer-to-Peer Therapy: India’s Approach to the Mental Health Crisis

If you haven’t heard or read, India is suffering greatly with providing mental health care to the millions who need it. To help us understand how much of a crisis they are in, remember that India has a population of 1.2 billion people with only 43 mental health hospitals.

In order to combat the crisis, communities started introducing peer-to-peer therapy. Peer-to-peer therapy is talk therapy provided by a neighbor. In order to qualify as a counselor, you do not need a college degree or certificate. Those wishing to be community therapists take a class that instructs them on how to perform talk therapy. After the session, community counselors then go on to provide talk therapy for their neighbors.

This seems like a remarkable idea. Neighbors helping neighbors  during a crisis. What do you think about peer-to-peer therapy? Would you be willing to give or receive help for depression or a mental illness from your neighbor ?


To listen to the NPR radio show about peer-to-peer therapy in India, click here.

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