When the Urge Arises to Log-In After Quitting Social Media

A successful Deactivation Day is not the end of the story. It is what happens after the big bang that really matters. For subscribers, please click here to review your plan. Take time to review your written plan. What activities did you have planned ? Comment below with what you will do should the urge to log-in arises. 
How to Combat the Urges to Log-in After Quitting Social Media
This part of quitting social media is the best part. To begin, depending on which method you use, the urges may or may not be as severe. For urges that are severe, I would consider limiting access to internet. Sounds extreme but if a plan or system is to work, it must be given ample time to settle and do what it needs to do. It seems to be the fact that physiology has its part in matters. Below are some tried and true ways to combat the urges:
  • Carry a journal with you at all times to take random notes. This can be very meditation and fun. Think of it as twitter without an audience. Click here to order handmade, upcycled DIY journal. Click here to watch tutorial.
  • Keep a puzzle of some sort handy. Challenging and stretching your brain wouldn’t hurt and the focus will keep the urges away. Click here to visit the bookstore.
  • Read. Carry a piece of literature with you. There’s never a wrong time to crack a book. Click here to visit the bookstore.
  • Meditate – By far the best remedy and the most rewarding. Click here to visit blog guest on Meditation
What if the Urges Persist?
The urges will naturally persist for a while until you become adjusted to life without social media. Should urges consume your thinking or interfere heavily with your mood, it is time to consider taking a more advanced step.
Should an urge persist beyond comfortability please considering following through with one of the options below:
  • Limiting access to internet; (disconnecting the internet router for the wi-fi at home)
  • Only using mobile device for emergency purposes and during set time to make outbound calls;
  • Make sure you are getting enough exercise and mental stimulation.
The rationale is that where there is a way to gain access to social media, there arises the opportunity to exploit an urge.
Please feel free to comment below or contact me directly with any inquiry.

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