Quitting Social Media: My Own Way Approach

Quitting Social Media: My Own Way Approach
How to quit social media using your own plan. Sounds simple enough? This plan is for those who like to wing it as opposed to those who prefer to quit cold turkey or those who prefer the step ladder approach. This is an approach that involves tapping into your awareness surrounding social media and letting that quide you to quitting as you will be listening deeply to yourself. This approach sounds easy enough but this is an approach that is best suited for those of strong resolve or high emotional intelligence or for those who are keenly committed to mindfulness.
How will you know if this approach is for you? For starters, to be honest, if this approach is for you, you will most likely not have to read this far into the blog post without knowing. Those of you who have harnessed the ability to tap into your intuition may simply need a reminder or a slight nudge to detach from social media.
Step #1: Write the Plan
As with any approach, you will need to write a plan to include the following:
  1. Date you plan to quit;
  2. A list of every social media platform and the number of profiles you have for each
  3. Method of how you to plan to deactivate all profiles on all platforms on all devices.
  4. List of things you will do when you feel the urge to get on social media.
  5. Name and contact information of at least 3 supportive people
  6. Set a goal for the day you plan to reward yourself for quitting
  7. Choose and write out your reward
  8. Set a day(s), after you have written out your plan, to share it with loved ones.
  9. Write out your ‘why’ and what you plan to achieve by quitting.
Step #2: Support and Friends
Stick to your plan of how you will inform your friends and relatives. Be supportive of those who may understand or disagree with you. Soon enough, you may become the support system they need to quit. Remain open.
Step 3: Follow through
Good luck with your Deactivation Day!
Please contact me should you have an inquiry.

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