Good Support May Be Hard to Come By for Those Quitting Social Media

Every good addiction program has support as one of the pillars of sustained progress. You would not be wrong to assume the same would be true of social media addiction but you may be surprised to hear that many coping with social media addiction find that good support can be hard to come by. While it is easy for you and I to understand social media addiction and the ramifications of it, many users do not. These users who do not understand social media addiction may very well be spouses, parents, children, and close friends.
Some common responses you may hear when discussing your social media addiction with others:
  • Is that really a real thing?
  • Is this some hipster thing?
  • But doesn’t social media keep us connected when we would otherwise have no reasonable way to connect with long distance loved ones?
  • Everyone needs at least one social media profile, at least for business and work purposes.
  • Aren’t you worried about what people will think when they see that you have deactivated your accounts?
  • Are you doing this to prove a point?
  • How will you stay in contact with your friends?
  • Isn’t quitting social media a bit extreme?
These and others are some common response you may hear. This is not a comprehensive list so please comment some other reactions you have received and how you respond to them.
Responding to Curiosity
Once you have informed your friends and family or once users realize that you are no longer online, you will often receive many questions and responses, as referenced above. How do you respond? Having a well-thought out ‘why’ you quit social media will help ground you in security and keep you off the defensive should others get hostile with you. Remember to respond out of a place of mutual respect and support.
It is very important that you understand and are secure in your resolve to quit social media. There may be pressure from loved ones to rejoin social media. There may be pressure from society and your peers to rejoin social media. You will need to stand by your decision and follow though. Although some of their reasonings may make sense, you must remember your own reasonings for why you are quitting social media and what you expect to gain in return. Do not attempt to convert or win over someone to quit social media. Your decision to quit social media should not be basis for an argument. A reason that makes sense to someone else does not automatically make it logical for you. Also remember that many of your friends and loved ones may be unknowingly addicted to social media as well. Be patient. Carry on.

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