Detaching from Social Media

For whatever reason you are here looking for ways to help with social media addiction or management. Do not be ashamed nor feel as if you are alone. You are here and this website should be an obvious confirmation that you are not alone.
“The suffering of the world comes from attachment.” –Budhha
(3) Ways to Detach from Social Media
  1. Cold Turkey
  2. 12 Steps
Cold Turkey: Definition of “cold turkey”
Adjective or adverb. Not to be read literally but as an idiom. I do not know the origin of this phrase. In reference to addiction, it means to quit doing something altogether as opposed to decreasing usage or managing usage.
In the context of social media, quitting cold turkey means to walk away from all of your social media profiles at once. You do not decrease your usage of them nor do you keep one of them open as a back up place to store your pictures. In one fell swoop you crush the opposition.
How to Quit Cold Turkey
There are only (2) steps in using this method. This is a very aggressive approach and should be taken with extreme care and seriousness. If you are an obsessive-compulsive person or if you an an indulger, then quitting cold turkey may be right for you. Step 1: Planning is very crucial. Do not skip or skimp over the planning. It is your strong point for this method.
Step 1: Planning
     Take some time to prepare yourself. If you are currently a heavier user of social media, quitting cold turkey will have a greater impact. To prepare yourself, you will want to write out a plan of how you plan to quit, how you will adjust to life after quitting, and how to maintain your new life.
          Written plan should include:
  1. Date you plan to quit;
  2. A list of every social media platform and the number of profiles you have for each
  3. Method of how you to plan to deactivate all profiles on all platforms on all devices.
  4. List of things you will do when you feel the urge to get on social media.
  5. Name and contact information of at least 3 supportive people
  6. Set a goal for the day you plan to reward yourself for quitting
  7. Choose and write out your reward
  8. Set a day(s), after you have written out your plan, to share it with loved ones.
  9. Write out your ‘why’ and what you plan to achieve by quitting.
The planning part of quitting cold turkey is very important. Do not skip the planning as it is most crucial to your success. Write it down. If you do not write it down as you follow the program, feel free to read the entire process then come back to this section but be sure to physically write it down. No computer processing system allowed. If you ordered this as a kit, you should find in your kit, a small thin journal that has been designed just for this plan. This is not an informercial for the kit. I understand, as you will read later, that some of us have to trick our minds. So if ordering this kit tricks your mind into taking this process more serious then by all means, click here. For some, you will drop what you are doing right now and grab pen and paper. Still others will want to read it through in its entirety before acting. The process is yours to design how you desire. I am only here as your guide.
Nothing but Time
Quitting social media you will see a huge return of your time. What will you do with all of this time you will suddenly have? Here is the time to get creative and inspirational. For this section, take a few moments to close your eyes and imagine the best day ever. What did you see? Don’t you have more time now to dream with your eyes open…..
When the urge arises for you to indulge in social media, what will you do? What activities will you turn to? Who will you call?
Having a strong support system is important but even more important is your own support. Your support is really all the support you need and in some cases, it may be the only support you have. If you are the first in your family or group of friends to quit social media, you may not have a supportive group of loved ones, yet. It helps to continue writing the plan to the very end as the last step involves writing out why you are quitting and what you plan to achieve by quitting. Knowing why you plan to do something and what it brings to the quality of your life helps to strengthen your resolve.
Step 2: Quitting
Now that your plan has been written and the date of execution is here, you must deactivate all of your social media profiles. Prior to deactivation, there is a list of preliminary action items to be completed to ease the transition:
  • Transfer all pictures, videos, or memos from your social media profiles to a file storage device or to your cloud
  • Go through each profile and contact the friends for which you will want to continue having communication with beyond the date of deactivation. Decide ahead of time how you would prefer online friends to contact you when you go offline.
Time to deactivate. You have been prepping for this moment. Below are instructions for deactivating some of the most popular social media platforms. This is not a comprehensive list. If some methods of deactivation have changed, feel free to contact the help support of the social media platform.

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