I quit. Again

So I quit today. Typed up a nice 5 line farewell and sent it off. The ripened time has come. To fly the nest. It never feels nice to quit, initially, at least the thought of it is self-degrading. You feel irresponsible, lousy, and a horrible adult. You overthink it, overanalyze it, agonize over it. This could go on for days after you know it is time. Past time. Probably wasnt even supposed to be here in the first place. But you did it. And that’s water under the bridge now. So you’re here. You resign. You pack your things and say farewell.

Then comes the liberation again. The freedom. That’s where I am now. Why did I quit? Because the numbers weren’t adding up. I did the math. My time and talent are worth more than they are willing to pay me. Because I calculated my worth. Found out that I was low balling myself.

Decided to make money off of my own labor and talent. Why depend on a corporate company to tell me my worth? Why cant I decide how much I am worth? Once again, we shall see.

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