Travel the World

Currently, I am at work. At my part-time gig working at Aloft Hotel. It’s one of those rainy, sun hidden, foggy days that we love to hate. The kind that only people like myself love. Days that all you want to do is cuddle up on the couch with your dog, blanket and a good book. I’ve been here since 7am. My hustle game starts early. You wouldnt tell that I am a grieving soul this weekend tho. You wouldnt tell that I tossed and turned in my sleep all last night. Nope. The eyedrops and multiple shots of espresso helped.

So I am checking guests out this morning between reading snatches of the Wall Street Journal when the thought hits me. Hey, I want to travel the globe. All around it. Get tangled up in it. Learn so many cultures and languages that I literally have to practice not forgetting my own. I text the hubby to let him know what’s up. Asked him if he was down or nah?

Thus, I will be spending my free time, oh how little it is, researching airfare deals, travel tips/tricks and things to do. So if you actually read my ramble and think I’m cool enough to read, I promise to keep you posted on my findings. In case, you know, you want to travel too.

–Ron G


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