Friends with Grammys.

I’m not saying I would totally hate being famous and want nothing to do with it BUT I would LOVE to have cool friends. Like I want to be the friend that you know is down with you. When you are accepting the Grammy you just won, I’m the friend that hits you with that text like:

“Aye, Bish, you look funny on TV tho. You forgot to slick down your naps in the back too.”

And you could reply, “Mannnn shut yo’ a** up. You still rolling to the afterparty tho, cuz?”

I’m all like, “Hell yea. I been sitting outside waiting. You need to take this car back and get that other interior we looked at. This sh*t is for the birds.”

“How the hell you get my car?”

“You know damn well I told you I knew Jarell, the valet dude. This jawn nice tho. Where you at?  We aint time for long speeches and ish, we gotta beat traffic. Shidddd, better take that trophy to go.”

So, will you be my cool friend? Can we be hipster bandits who crash parties, eat cake by the ocean, and stay woke? We can skip the Grammy speeches and get straight to the chase. Cause you know LA traffic have the city slow 😉



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