4 Reasons I Miss My Bachelorette Pad.

  1. “No Pants Zone. No Pants Zone. They Know Better. They Know Better.”

Yes, I should have known better. That ruled seemed so liberating before but now it’s just open season for the hubster on my booty cheeks. I get assaulted as I turn the corner to the bathroom. Ambushed in the kitchen so now flour is everywhere. Just like a ninja to pop out of nowhere with a hardy smack on the a**.

2. I never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever ran out of yogurt and cereal.

Nothing, I mean nothing, burns my beans more than grabbing the box of cereal and it feels way too light. Why are we saving an empty bag in a box? I didn’t even know he liked yogurt. Greek yogurt is expensive. And cereal is my life.

3. Nobody was there to witness my horrible Nicki Minaj impressions and Beyonce in the shower sessions.

Ummm yea, because. Just because. I get wayyyyy too into it.

4. I fart and can’t blame the dog anymore.

Clearly I am not fooling anyone anymore, not even my dog who still jumps at the sound of her own farts.


Obviously, during my bachelorette pad phase, all I did was run around half-naked, eat cereal and yogurt while singing nicki minaj and beyonce with an occasional funny fart.

Cause like Shenaenae said, “I’m a lady”.

Video Credit: Madame Noire


Damn straight I am. 




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