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No post code evny. We never chose to live there. But it’s in us. It runs deep. When I left there to come here, people always knew where. They saw in my eyes, heard it in my voice and felt it with their hearts.

Dusty kids in public schools. Free lunches and dirty buses. Corner stores and box chevys. Where we eat nabs and keep bacon grease on the stove. Beauty world and Sportsworld. HOS and Armstrong Projects. Lil Raleigh, Bucktown, and Meadowbrook. Things you would only know if you really knew. 3’Os, the Oak Tree, and the fairgrounds. Hux and Tom Stith Park. Across the tracks now. Or Shaq’s, Silk, and the Boatryde if you want to get technical about it. Remember E&I?

NNHS vs. RMSH. Green and gold vs. Blue and gold. Moe Deloatch, Miguel Hillard. Stephen Virgil. Remember them? Harambee Festival. Down East Viking Classic. Fireworks at the Stadium. Golden East Mall. Battle Park. Chauncey from the gas station. Milkman from around the way.

That was home. Do you remember that?

When the sirens stop ringing. When the gunsmoke settles. When the 11 o’clock news goes off. This is still home.

“The finer things of life can be found.”


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