Mannnnnn. This is my blog, kinda like my world. And I have been outchea for a while now. Outchea has a literal translation but that’s not important. Outchea is more than words, that’s the beauty of it. It is a lifestyle. Outchea is for rich or poor, better or worse. You decide to make a vow with yourself to forever be outchea. I made that vow several years ago to forever be outchea. To forever get up everyday and do your thing. Whatever your thing is, just get to it. Liberal arts, science, technical, writer, artist, Pastor, whatever. Outchea is progressive. It’s levels to this. Outchea says hey, I acknowledge that there are levels to this and I am on this level to enjoy it until I get to the next. This level is not where my story ends although it may suck, alot. But I am still outchea til the next level and the next level.

When people ask me how I am doing, especially my career, my response: “You know I’m still outchea.” Translation: “I’m still making it do what it do when it needs to be done until I can’t do it anymore.”

Does not matter what it is that you are currently doing. If you work at McDonalds as a cashier, you can still be outchea. Just be the best cashier this side of the Mason Dixon line. Because you know, even if other people don’t, that you won’t be here always. People only get bitter if they think they are stuck. When you pledge the vow of outchea, life is never the same. You have way more fun, life is less stressful and you succeed faster. Because people generally like and promote people who are happy and optimistic.

So, carpe the f*** out of this diem!


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