By the Creek


I run. From you and to you. As far as my feet would carry me. Hoping to hear your jagged breathe catch up to me.

I’m mid run, sweaty as ever. You text me. I know you don’t mind and we gon’ do whatever. Country girl so I’m in the woods. You only have a few minutes. You meet me at the edge of the trail. I don’t like you. What is up with your hair today? You look somber. I want to touch your hand. Feel your chest. But I won’t let me. City slick you are. You complain about the woods. You weren’t the biggest fan of nature. But I was a fan of you. I know these woods like the lines on my hand. Follow me. I never know what to say to you. Words never seem quite right. I lead in silence for what feels like forever. My body speaks louder than I ever could. I try to hide it but I think you knew. The artist in me speaks to the artist in you. We come to a clearing after a mile trek. You wore the wrong shoes. Your attitude frustrates me. Let bodies do what lips do already. You look afraid. Peering around for strangers as you


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