Ain’t Nobody Home

In a world of social media bragging and bullying, it’s gotten kind of hard to really know people and communicate well offline. I am the anti-social media socialite, or so I deemed myself. Lately though, I have taken a turn to the more anti-social side. Deactivating all of my accounts, I war with myself against social responsibility. I worried that people would think less of me. I thought people would think I was hiding because I was ashamed of who I was or where I was in life. I tried to care too much when I really didn’t.

I just don’t care to be chain and ball to these platforms. I dismiss the necessity of ads. I naively believe that good people and good products don’t have to advertise because they will sell themselves. True or not, my reasons for stepping away were for me. I felt like I had a social virus and stepping away was the chicken noodle soup for my soul. And just like viruses, everybody just passed it all around. Good vibes, bad vibes. Happy stories, sad stories. I had enough. I wanted to go on dates and hang out with real people and not feel pressed to check my social media. I wanted to sometimes forget the digitalsphere and just be here.

It got noisy. Really loud, all the time. Like being at a party for days on end with the same loud music. Never mind if the music was good or not because at some point, you just wanted it to shut up.

Then it got lonely, like a comedian in a packed crowd and everyone is excitedly talking  but when he taps the mic to begin, no one responds. “Testing. Mic check. Is anyone even listening.” No, sir. No one is listening. All the lights are on but nobody’s really home.

And we are supposed to be okay with that. This is how it is. Like dead space in conversation or white space on paper. But really it’s more like talking to the wall as the old folks would say. This is the new norm. So why do I feel like the crazy one?

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