Am I an Introvert?

People love labels. Whether they are labeling clothing, tupperware, or people. We just love labels. The introvert vs extrovert thing. Another label.

What makes me an introvert? I don’t really think I am one. Well let me say that I believe that all people are a mix of both. It’s a spectrum. Some are more introvert than others. But since we are speaking on introvert, I must say that I think that this is a phase of my life in which I feel most comfortable spending time alone. In my early twenties I felt the need to be surrounded by friends and party like a rock star but as I near 30, I think I have become more settled of the mind. I prefer long nature walks. Id rather have tequila Tuesdays at home. The turn up is when I put on my over-sized sweater, fuzzy socks, and blast the music as I wash dishes. My favorite part of the day is late morning when I have gotten through half of my To-Do list. Things change, so do people. Maybe not our nature but def our taste and preferences. People also mature. What was once the ultimate source of fun at 19 is not so fun at 29.

At 27, I have learned to stop apologizing for who I am and what I like. I learned to stop liking things just because someone else does. What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. ¬†Introvert or extrovert, learn to be comfortable being yourself.


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