Do Audiobooks Count as Reading?

Bookworm. Nerd. Geek. Whatever name you can come up with for those people who always have their nose in a book, I have been called it. I promise. I am an avid reader. I read on the bus to work or class, I read at the bar, at parties. I read while eating, on the john. I read.

From Ken Follet to Terry McMillan, from Stephen King to Stephen Covey, I read. I’ve had several love affairs with a few books. As a kid, I loved the Boxcar kids series. Harry Potter was at one point my religion. Can’t count how many times I’ve read “The Lion, witch and the Wardrobe”. Kiddy lit game was on lock although, I was never a fan or the babysitter books or that Nancy Drew chic. I actually preferred Stephen King. “It” was the first chapter book I read in 3rd grade. I am always leery about telling people this for fear of judgement. *Shrug* I was a tough kid. Clowns didn’t scare me. Maybe its because I didnt see the movie. Speaking of movies, I rarely EVER see the movies of the books that I read and I especially never ever see the movie before I read the book. Doing so chips away at the magic that reading the book gives you, like making up your own visuals and audio. Reading a book, you are both reader and illustrator. I would say though that with the Harry Potter books, the movies weren’t so far off from how I envisioned the characters themselves.

Lately tho, I have been interested in reading books that enhance my career. I was listening to this Youtube video by Tai Lopez (yea, the dude that has that lambo from reading books), that dude. He along with other successful mentors I have talked with in the past always give the same recipe for success in one form or another. The 3 keys are: Knowledge, Strategy, and Execution. Tai Lopez, as he is so famously known for his spill on books, focuses on knowledge as the first piece of this success puzzle. By knowledge, I do not mean education. Knowledge as in simply educating and making yourself more aware of topics and information. So back to my topic, in light of that video, it made me think about all the reading that I do. I know I read for pleasure and thats nice and all but I would like to incorporate more reading for knowledge gathering purposes. So, this post I wanted to ask how you readers feel about knowledge books vs pleasure reading books.

Is any and all reading considered knowledge or educational? Is it the art of reading of that makes it educational or the content? If so, how do you all feel about audiobooks? Does listening to a book substitute for reading it? Does that make watching a movie about a book the same as reading the book? Most would say no, but do we apply those same principles to audiobooks? I listen to a ton of audio books but I feel like I buy at least 75% of the books I listen to and read them (again). What do you all think?

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