She Quit.

She took what balls she could muster and typed up her two week notice. Bank account could sustain her lifestyle for several months. It was crunch time. Caution and reason took a backseat to frustration. She knew she could do better. Her time was up. She was not expected to settle in and make this her last stop. This was only a stepping stone along the way. Doors would open. Doors would close. She knew that others would deem her irresponsible, uncalculated, risky, and flighty. She did not care. Where she was going she need not to. Did she have a footing on what she would do next? Had she already secured the next step? Did she think this all the way through? Everyone became a mother. They all asked. They all wondered. She did not know. She was only certain that wherever this journey took her, she would be okay. She would sustain. What did she have to lose? What did she have to fear? Her last day was March 31. April 1st she became a free woman. What ever would she do? She had 3 months to figure it out.

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